Why is Kha'zix the only assassin besides Zed that hasn't been reworked?

Kha'zix has always been unhealthy and obnoxious since his release, and every "mini-rework" he gets seems to just break him further. Not only that, but he seems immune to nerfs, the moment he gets nerfed Riot makes sure to overbuff another area of his kit in the same patch. I don't think he's ever truly been "unviable" or not meta. Why is this the case? Oh, and to make matters worse he's an incredibly safe champion so even if you do catch him unless you one-tap him he's just going to jump and/or stealth right the fuck out of any situation he's in. I can understand why Zed hasn't been reworked (I don't count micro-changes) but Kha'zix? He's easily the most unhealthy assassin alongside Leblanc.
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