Aurelion Sol ability rework feels.... horrible. I'm not going to play him anymore :(

I logged in just to make a post, which I never do, because this is THAT BAD and I need to be vocal about it. I have 100k+ points on sol. I know I'm not the best sol player, but I used to play him a lot, and have picked him up again recently. He was a lot of fun to play, and I enjoyed the challenge that came with his complex abilities. I think I'm going to have to stop playing him now; he is just not fun to play with this rework. The rework on him changes his entire gameplay, and takes away elements I really liked about him. For example: 1. I can no longer maintain harassment or farm properly on W because the stars change speed and it automatically deactivates after 3s (this is INFURIATING). I also rely on the stars' spin speed for my positioning, but now it doesn't even matter because I can't align/time myself properly anymore. 2. I can no longer catch up to enemies running away with passive E movement speed. Idc if you don't revert him back completely, but PLEASE revert at least these 2 points.
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