I tried Urgot on PBE with all of pre-season changes and he feel more awful already

That crab dude being struggling in meta for the last 2 months atleast and now sitting at 48% winrate making him even worst top laner than {{champion:517}} and {{champion:43}} not being played in another role and everything about him feel awful from the lane phase to being able to reach that power spike of level 11 which is hard to do when it easy to gank you, being forbidden from using {{item:3053}} due to being semi ranged (Yes he struggle mostly against other long ranged champions , true ranged). And now with all of changes to Conquer and {{item:1054}} making it impossible for the crab man to reach for a breath due them being gutted for ranged champions, i did try him on PBE with all of this changes and he even feel more worst. Like what the hell riot, why you acting so blind toward him when {{champion:86}} got reworked on being toxic champion that anyone can pick up and just run it down the lane while his ult doesn't even require skillshot and in same time you can't just avoid it by using {{item:3140}} . #HaveMercyOnUrgot
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