champ mastery tokens

I was playing a match just now, and got an S+ on irelia, sweet, one more and I can get that mastery 7. Then I saw I didn't get a token. Started thinking about it and remembered i didn't get any tokens for fiddle last weekend either even though I've got him to 5. Checked it out and apparently you can only get the tokens from SR normal and ranked now. Guess I just lucked out in getting to 6 on irelia before the change since I don't play SR aside from the weekend rotating modes. Point is, this makes me sad. It was nice to see the mastery point thing spread to aram and the rotating mode if only to keep the player base solid, but why go half way? If mastery is only supposed to be a measure of normal SR skill, then why even give a rating in other modes? It apparently isn't meant to be a measure of skill for those modes, or else you'd get tokens. You could still throw points at people since up to 5 it's just about how much you play a champ, or not, it really doesn't matter, but the inconsistency is annoying.
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