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Alright, I am silver one... I don't think I am supposed to be matched up against Platinum or diamond players in my games. For example, in my last game our teams highest rank was gold 4 which we had 2 of, and we had 3 silver 1's. On the enemy team they had one silver 1, 2 gold 4's, 1 gold 3, and a platinum 2... I think that tilts the favor of the game rather overtly in the enemy team's favor. This is also not an uncommon experience. I have played against diamonds as well, although mostly plats and golds in my climb from silver 4 to silver 1. Riot shouldn't be matching people so far out of their rank regardless of how well they are playing. It is fairly clear that Riot's matchmaking system is intended to purposely slow the progression of some players. I would sincerely like to have a Rioteer answer this question: why does Riot slow the progression of some players by matching them far out of their rank? Why not have players play only against other players in or very close to their rank? If they crush those guys then they will simply rank up... Kind of like how any ranking system in the world works. I have asked this question and others like this before both on the boards and in the ask Riot segment. No one has yet answered me. So is Riot avoiding the question entirely for some reason? I do know for a fact that there are lots of players that have quit playing league all together because of, in my opinion, this poor match making mistake. Many people I used to play with quit and said that it simply isn't worth playing constantly far out of their rank and getting flamed by all the higher ranking people in their game because they didn't some thing that was "expected" they would do; especially when they can play some other game that is all fun. Don't get me wrong, I like league of legends and have been playing it for years casually. It isn't a game that I want to stop playing but this is my first year actually trying to play ranked and climb the ladder, and it is ridiculous how many times I have played against players way above my rank. Thanks to anyone from Riot who would be so kind as to answer.
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