[Balance] @Riot: Aurelion Sol Nerfs- And WHY they're unacceptable.

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EDIT: A core point of this thread is that the nerfs are too much ON THEIR OWN. They are justified, because they are points at which Sol is oppressive if successful, and do succeed at widening Sol's window of vulnerability AND reducing his potential damage output. However, as has been stated repeatedly here- double-tapping Q as a compensation buff would be the perfect place to compensate the champion. Let's focus on that: Double-tap Q for some power taken from W. Healthier, more interactive gameplay for Sol AND opponents. {{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol. A champion I, personally, have spent more than 100 games mastering- close to 200 if you count PBE. Currently on the chopping block AGAIN- for basically that exact reason. Aurelion Sol Celestial Expansion (W) cooldown increased to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 from 6/5/4/3/2 Voice of Light (R) damage lowered to 150/250/350 from 200/300/400 Currently on the PBE, more SERIOUS nerfs to Aurelion Sol. Voice of Light is too powerful of a burst on a zone control champion- so I agree with **rebalancing** some or most of the power on that ability to other places- maybe letting him double tap his Q. What I don't agree with is essentially CRIPPLING his W. Why do I say 'crippling'? Well, doubling the cooldown at max rank opens two of his weakest windows even wider. FIRSTLY, if a champion gets past his outer limit, a good Aurelion Sol's best answer to keep them from hitting him in the face is to close his ring of stars- usually applying Rylais if executed properly. This is followed by opening distance and opening his W again to turn the fight to his advantage- the other champion has to back off or try to go back in. This is a maneuver that saves my life more often than his ult, because it leaves his ult in reserve. Doubling his W cooldown makes it MUCH more difficult to pull off and opens a serious hole in his defenses. SECONDLY, Aurelion Sol's stars retreat to him for the duration of all CC. This toggles W off and puts it on cooldown- reducing his damage and zone of control until W returns, and forcing him to spend the toggle mana cost again. Effectively, nerfing W's cooldown is a double hit to Aurelion Sol at his primary weak points that can be mitigated by skillful play, chipping away at his skillcap instead of his base power. Now, that might not make sense to some of you. Sounds like nonsense, right? Why would you reduce the rewards for player skill instead of just weakening an OP champ for everyone? It has to do with Aurelion Sol's statistics. Namely, his PLAY RATE. Sol has a 1.1% play rate mid and less than a 1% play rate COMBINED everywhere else. The only people who play the champion are players who MAIN the champion- if word gets out that he has a high winrate, it will go down DRASTICALLY. It's the same exact reason both Karthus and Galio have comparable winrates- almost noone plays them, so anyone faced with the champion has no idea how to deal with it; by contrast, the few who do play them have dedicated time and SEVERAL normal/pbe games to mastering the champion. If you look any individual player's statistics, the champions they play most often always have high winrates- my winrate with Sol support is currently sitting at 60%; considering I'm mid-bronze and my pick has a fair chance of instantly tilting teammates, that's fairly alright. Reducing the availability of maneuvers that allow skillful Sol players to SURVIVE is not an acceptable answer. I agree with taking away some burst and sustained damage after being CC'd, but the turning power of rapid W toggling combined with Rylais is too much to take out of his kit. It basically forces CDR into his build ASAP, regardless of how well Sol can use the items. On the flipside, the ability to turn a survival mechanic into a combat advantage is fairly powerful, and the gap in damage after taking CC is meaningful enough. On the off chance that this ISN'T motivated by a desire to keep Sol out of the LCS because his plays aren't always 'cool and flashy', I implore you: Either revert the W nerfs or compensate the champion by FIXING his Q. First: Fix its interaction with Wind Wall / Braum's Shield; the core should be the impact point, it shouldn't disappear the second the animation clips one of these effects. Second: Fix the bug that causes the ability to apply spell effects- like Spellthief's Edge- but not apply damage and/or the stun. This is one that quite often ruins fights for my entire team. Third: Allow double-tapping Sol's Q (or just cut the delay in half). This allows Q to be used more aggressively and more defensively- a way to make him interesting in the LCS. Allowing him to stun and retreat when someone gets on top of him is stronger defensively than his W maneuver, but doesn't pack the same fight-turning punch and closes the window to combo the abilities together; fixing his Q in this manner would make him less frustrating to play AS in the face of what would otherwise be a disgusting nerf.
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