When will Riot admit that modern assassins are too forgiving?

Considering that most assassin players have mobility to get both in and out of a fight (something most other champion classes don't have). When will Riot admit that this class is still way too forgiving to play? I understand people want to believe they are about high "skill" but "skill" is not about game knowledge anymore, its simply muscle memory or reaction time. That is not really skill as Assassins are not having to make an meaningful decisions and can risk themselves meaninglessly again and again because they have no punishment for using their abilities recklessly. Compared to most other champions, assassins are too forgiving but they have never been changed because they bring in the big bucks of LCS, despite having superior kits to most other champions in the game. (I've never been impressed with a Zed jumping back and forth or an Akali shooting back and forth because no other champion can do that). Let's not mention {{champion:555}} and how forgiving he is at the moment too. Assassins **_SHOULD_** be: High Risk/High Reward _**NOT**_ Low Risk/High Reward as they are now. Feel free to downvote but I do feel that modern assassins are far too forgiving at the moment so that Riot can put LCS above normal people who enjoy playing the game. Creating an elitist environment that limits player accessibility is ultimately self-defeating for a video games company so its not wonder that Riot's business is starting to decline.
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