The Sejuani buffs/nerfs are an extreme example of a horrible way to balance tanks

After everyone and their mother has been asking for less damage in the game, you try to bring {{champion:113}} ,a tank, back into the game by buffing her damage while reducing her tankiness & CC - and oh boy, talk about damage buffs. Yea, she'll be back alright, and her win rate will inevitably spike due to her just being able to 100-0 some targets and that's another example of how win rate can often not determine whether a champ's properly balanced or not. Once again, tanks should be TANKY and have enough CC so that it's hard to ignore them - it allows them to perform their role. They should NOT have so much damage, burst damage in particular. They SHOULD have damage over time, yes, which is directly tied to their lasting power,which is great and perfectly healthy. You might as well stop calling them tanks at this point and invent a name for what's becoming a variant of juggernauts with less damage and more CC. It's closely becoming a meme at this point how the attempted "fix" to every problem the game might have is to just add more damage to it. EDIT: Thought I might as well post this on the {{champion:113}} mains subbreddit as well.
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