What if Vayne's E was a skillshot?

So I've been playing Auriel in Hots for quite a while now and her E works exactly the way Vayne's E works. Except it's a skillshot that can actually be dodged. For such a "high skillcap" champion, why is Vayne's kit so failproof? Her W is a true damage passive that procs on AA. Her E is a knockback that at best, stuns you, and at worse, pushes you away from Vayne, which is ideally what she wants anyway 90% of the time. Her R is just a steroid that also gives her invisibility/movement speed. Her Q is a repositionning tool, which does give her a decent amount of skill expression. Some may argue that Vayne's "short range" requires the player to have good positionning, but honestly that's true of the majority of adcs. That's one of the defining trait of being a good adc player : having good positionning. Anyway, this isn't a rant about Vayne but moreso a suggestion meant to give her a bit more counterplay in cases where even when you do bridge the gap between you and Vayne, she can still just reliably push you away and roll to gain more distance. Finally, just in case people accuse me of never having played Vayne before for suggesting such criminal changes, Vayne stands as my second most played champion at 144k mastery. I'm not suggesting this change because I hate Vayne, but because I want her skillcap ceilling to be higher than what it currently is.
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