How to Balance Master Yi with only Small Changes

I mean, he's [kind of balanced right now.]( Possibly even a bit overpowered. Underpowered if you ask pros. But I think we can put him in an even better state with the right combination of simple nerfs and buffs, making him less overwhelming in low elo while making him more effective in D1 and higher elos. I know Riot isn't planning to rework Master Yi anytime soon but these changes could greatly improve Master Yi's state. I think the changes below are **all worth testing,** but **not all of them should be implemented.** **Nerfs** * Raise Alpha Strike's mana cost back to 60-90 mana. Low elo players are worse at budgeting their mana, and this was a reasonable mana cost. * Give Alpha Strike a minimum cooldown of 1.5 seconds, now matter how many resets he gets at once. There should always be at least a small window of opportunity to attack Yi between Alpha Strikes. * Lower the Meditate damage reduction from 60-70% to 50-70%. It was a nice little buff, but not entirely necessary. * Lower Wuju Style's bonus AD scaling from 35%, to 20% or 15%. This was buffed some time ago, but buffing Master Yi's damage really isn't what he needed. When you buff his damage, his win/r in Diamond goes up 1% while his win/r in Silver goes up 2%. * Mark the target Alpha Strike is cast on so that enemies know where he will reappear. This nerfs him in low elo, but presumably would have little effect in high elo where players are better at tracking their enemies' actions. * Lower Meditate's maximum channel from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. I'm actually very unsure of the full implications of this change. In theory, Meditate is more likely to be fully channeled in low elo than high elo because it's less likely to be interrupted. But I would be ecstatic if you tested this and shared the results. * Give only 5 seconds Highlander extension for kills/assists, instead of 7. **Buffs** * Return the bonus damage to minions. Lane waveclear isn't super important for junglers, but you do sometimes need to help teammates push or break a freeze. Since Master Yi is bad at ganking, it would be good for him to be able to help his laners in other ways. This change would also make him better at splitpushing. * Change Meditate to lower the cooldowns of Alpha Strike and Wuju Style by 1 second upon activation, and every [1 - 0.5] seconds it's channeled. This encourages Yi players to channel Meditate more instead of tapping it for an attack reset, which is good because Meditate has a lot of counterplay. It also buffs Meditate-tapping by reducing your Alpha Strike cooldown by 2 seconds instead of 1, which rewards skillful players. * During the duration of Wuju Style (5 seconds), Master Yi could have 25 more attack range, 10% more movement speed, and/or slow immunity. Any change that makes Master Yi harder to kite makes some difference in low elo, but a huge difference in high elo. * Master Yi's base attack range could be increased to 150 or 175. This change would be more noticeable for high elo players, and help him basic attack more. It would also make his attack animations look less silly - he stands far too close to enemies and his sword reaches behind them. * Pause Highlander when Master Yi is in stasis (Stopwatch/Zhonya) or reviving (Guardian Angel, Zilean ult). This means Master Yi wouldn't suffer as much for using these items/effects, and high elo players buy such items more frequently than low elo players. * Give new ways to use Alpha Strike. Expanding the things a champion can do makes their learning curve deeper, and gives them the versatility champions need at high elo. Some ideas: Holding Q could return Master Yi to his starting position. In exchange, the targets of Alpha Strike could be lowered from 4 to 3. Alpha Strike could also be used to blink to ally champions at a reduced mana cost. * Increase Highlander's base duration from 7 to 8. High elo players are really good at wasting Master Yi's time with shields, CC, invulnerability, Zhonya's/Guardian Angel, etc. and having just a little more time to get the first reset would help greatly.
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