I don't understand how to play this game anymore.

Ranked is a cesspool. I play Udyr tank because we're lacking a tank. Goes well, 3 lvls up on the enemy jungler, then my team literally runs down mid 2 by 2 and die and I lose. Ok. Next game I go assasin Wukong so I can carry. Enemy has a Soraka and I'm useless and I lose. Ok. I play Soraka, everyone's feeding, and I lose. Ok. I play top, get camped, my team still feeds and I lose. Ok. Then the ranked system says oh this guy lost few games in a row, let give him an easy win, so I win. Then I lose few games in a row again and the the cycle continues. Idk what to do anymore. I doubt my picks constantly, every new fucking champ jumping around like it's urf. Just... IDK..
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