New Guinsoo's on PBE

Do we need even more penetration in the game? Jesus, tank buster should be a type of character not the default for all 140 champs in the game. With a {{item:3036}} and new {{item:3124}} at 18 ALONE you're removing like 45% of armor. That's disgusting and wrong. People cry about tanks all the time but you're making it so tanks just aren't allowed to exist in the game. Imagine assassins start taking {{item:3036}} and {{item:3124}} along with lethality {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} items, they're going to be doing true damage to squishies and almost unmitigated damage to tanks. Even if they don't ad's are going to be doing infinite damage. This is a terrible change, man. I just can't get it. There's already too much damage in the game and you're trying to remove any ability to mitigate it.
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