A trend that really saddens me

Something that over the years has really disappointed me every preseason has been the removal of niche items. Ohmwrecker, Banner(wasn't removed in preseason but still sad it was), Zephyr, all the support item choices, Zz'rot, Sword of the Occult, and on and on. Riot continues to remove items that aren't strong and aren't problematic(banner was simply because of the mess riot made with it, before that it wasn't strong at all). Now why is this a problem? Well it's a problem for a few reasons. Most importantly: League of Legends is a video game. What does this mean? It means it's about having fun. Well, what's the best way to have fun? There is no best way to have fun. That's why player choice is important. Because without player choice you inherently limit your audience, and Riot knows this. That's why there are new champions being added all the damn time even though we have so so many. Because if there is a champion for everyone, then no one is left out of their niche being filled right? Well, champions aren't the only way to express yourself in game. Items, runes, playstyles. Even masteries once upon a time. And as Riot continues to remove items, they continue to remove player choice and push people away from playing the way they want to play and actually having fun. idk maybe i just have nostalgia goggles on but it feels like there's just no good reason to remove all these items. sure remove wota or atmogs because they'd be broken with certain champs. but leave these items that aren't even that good alone please. because some people actually do use them to have fun, and there's no harm in keeping them when they only bring more joy to the playerbase.
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