one of the largest problems with adc is that they can afford to skip lifesteal items these days.

instead of being forced to build one of the more expensive lifesteal items like {{item:3153}} 3400 gold (**edit.: fixed the price. thanks for pointing it out**) {{item:3072}} 3700 gold {{item:3139}} 3600 gold {{item:3812}} 3500 gold they get enough sustain and protection from their supports with additional items like {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}}, and the soon to return warlords bloodlust/legend: bloodline. next to the issue that completed zeal items with 2600 gold cost are 200 to 300 gold cheaper than they should be, it allows them to get away with these greedy {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} builds in the first place. their item builds become way cheaper and effective much earlier than they should be. which in turn results them to power spike earlier and to snowball harder while still outscaling other carry types. instead of being forced to build {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3072}} for a combined 9700 gold like they used to, their double zeal + i.e. builds fall too 8600 gold. if marksmen access to outside sources of sustain isnt reduced, we might honestly have to increase the cost of zeal items into the price range of 3000 to 3200 gold just to get the price on even terms with mage and bruiser items to prevent them from snowballing games like theyre doing now.
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