Soracha's healing is a big issue and its time i take a Stand

OK so where do I even start. I was playing olaf and trying to chase Soracha to whack her with my battle axe weapon and a starblast fell on me and exploded I don't know what spell that was but it looks like a falling shiny planet. Her star healed most of her health back after too! I chased her but I could only move slow so i got angry and through my weapon at her but she ran into a bush and I could not see her and she got away. After that battle with her i had to ran back to the fort to gather supplies and compose myself. I ran back to her with the speed and might of a wild chicken and started smacking the jynx standing next to her. Soracha healed her to full healgth 4 times and also healed herself with that annoying starblast. I tried to flee but i died. She even through some bananas at me, what a wacky champion!! I know that bananas are a very strong fruit but it was ridiculous! Soracha has been getting away with this for too long and needs some big nurfs to her healings and banana attack. It is time that we take a stand against her.
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