"He isnt overtuned"

https://i.imgur.com/VWlnzNe.png This is Masters+ by the way. 62.50% with a 10.8% ban rate. 13.2% pickrate. People are realizing that Garen is extremely broken with the correct build at the moment, due to his E's new scaling. Yes, it no longer scales off AD, but building even one AS (most of which are also crit items, mind you) leads to unbeatable levels of damage. Tri-force, Deaths Dance, Phantom Dancer. With these three items, Garen becomes pretty much an unstoppable lawnmower of absolute carnage. Pull back on the AS scaling and keep the rest of the buffs, that would put him at a perfect point. He just does way too much damage now to even be warranted as a 'juggernaut'. But people argue: "You can just kite him out!" Some champions yes, absolutely. But for a vast majority who rely on front line to help peel for the damage-dealing backline, it's just not possible most of the time. No matter how tanky you are, you cant survive an instant Conqueror prock crit-filled death spin of sustaining torture. All a Garen needs to do is run in, kill any front-line, back out, go back in after his free warmogs kicks in. It's insanity.
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