Soon there will be no line distinguishing what's different from mages and assassins

Thanks to Riot spitting out new champions that completely go against what the class is all about. Started with Pyke, now this latest release, Qiyana. Assassins, are NOT meant to have much CC, let alone HARD CC. Mages- CC, high AOE burst. Example- Morgana, root on Q, slow and stun on R, high damage if going mid lane. Assassins- get in, high single target damage for a kill, get out. Example- Zed, he has a slow, which is a soft CC, shadow in, ult, REQ with eletrocute and/or ignite, shadow out. Qiyana?- she has a fucking root (soft), a knockback and a stun (hard). Not what an assassin is supposed to have. This needs to stop. **Riot, please take her back to the drawing board, or turn her into a mage because this is not right at all.**
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