Nasus shouldn't be opressive as much as he is

This sort of thread probably was made at least once after his unreasonable buff he got earlier this year. From then, Nasus became an _**unkillable one shot machine**_. Everything he is NOT supposed to be, nor any other champion should be. Trinity force combined with 5 other tank items that gives him 3k+ HP, armor and magic resistance plus improved healing (spirit visage) and one shot power (Q stacks buff, making him have 600+ stacks in 20 minutes if played correctly) all together with an almost URF cooldown on W where you won't get away from one wither (W) while he's already placing another one on you is just not counterable by any means. On top of his slow that he has on almost no cooldown, he also cripples (slows down your attack speed) while most usually already having frozen heart built so it goes twice as bad. Before the buff you could deal with him usually with ranged champions such as Gnar, or Quinn as a lane bully. Now, that's not possible. There is not a single champion in the game that can duel nasus in a 1v1 while both on full build. Not even true damage helps against that thing. He shouldn't be able to run 500ms (phage) plus slowing you and one shoting everything that's not a full tank. Which he will kill eventually too, believe me. Just the second you think you've killed a Nasus, he will ult, gain 600HP from it, 3 MR and armor each second and 50% cd reduced on his Q so he can ensure his healing kicks in and he gets back to full hp in no time. On top of it he deals maximum 240 aoe damage while ulted PER SECOND just for being near you, and let's be real, with Wither (W) he will always be near you. He needs to get nerfed. His W duration should be gutted in half, his stacking shouldn't be 50 per one stupid minion and having 30-40-50% cooldown reducing on Q per ult level seems just fine.
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