Where I think Qiyana's design fails, and how it can apply to other poorly designed champions.

I looked at Qiyana and said "What a broken piece of shit when she's released. She has high CC, stealth, mobility, damage, an execute, damn she's gonna be a permaban and be sooo broken". Boi was I wrong. The problem is, when Riot designed Qiyana, they gave her so much in her kit (namely her CC), that they couldn't give her good numbers or she would be way too OP, which is where her problem lies. She has such a poor laning phase against anyone with range, and her late-game isn't good enough to justify it. An example of the opposite problem is with {{champion:77}}. He's always been such a toxic champion because he has ONLY melee damage, with essentially 0 range. So Riot has to give him massive movement speed to gapclose (because he has no real gap-closer), a fairly oppressive stun if he can stay on you, and completely insane damage. So if he gets his rotations off and he gets close-range, you're done. Basically, his numbers are way too high because his kit doesn't have enough in it. Some more minor examples of this are {{champion:75}} and {{champion:23}}. I would love if Riot removed a bunch of the CC from Qiyana's kit (her ult, her Q with river enchant is fine), and put the power elsewhere, making her function more like an AD assassin. The element thing is gimmick enough, but Riot making her this different is causing problems. TL;DR: Riot needs to diversify champions' power budgets so their strengths/weaknesses in one places don't massively overcompensate for their strengths/weaknesses in another place respectively, making them an unhealthy champion.

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