Irelia's rework is a failure

Irelia is a tanky, bruiser, burst, assassin with near infinite mobility. She legitimately 1-3 taps squishies, all while building the typical "bruiser build" which makes her a tank with over 3k HP. Every single time I see Irelia in my game she's fed, it's nearly impossible for her not to get fed, especially since her passive, dash and mark system allow for both insane snowballing and comeback potential. Why is it that I don't ever remember old Irelia decimating players while allowing for no reaction time? Like, I just don't ever recall old Irelia being this much of a nuisance. If anything she was healthier since she was better against tanks and worse against squishies from a design POV (though in reality she was worse against tanks and just stuck to squishies). Oh, but current Irelia is good against EVERYONE thanks to Conqueror and her mixed damage. Let's list all of what made** old Irelia** unhealthy: -Could auto you to death -Was stat-checky -Dealt every single type of damage, meaning it was difficult to itemise against her -Abused items to no end -Old passive made it difficult to pin her down, thus killing any counterplay due to CC being shorter -Laning with her was somewhat uninteractive and boring, as was facing her -Kinda just countered tanks -Point and click damage -Boring design wise due to the fact that she didn't really have a defining niche per say -Actually fit into the "bruiser" class -Lacked mass sustain since she needed to auto to actually get a reliable source of HP regen Now, let's list what makes this **new Irelia** unhealthy: -Her current passive allows her to chunk you with autos, and wail you down just by pressing right click -Is stat-checky -Near infinite mobility -A stun with a wonky hitbox -Incredible teamfight potential -Is amazing at all stages of the game -Is a lane bully who also outscales you -Deals every single type of damage, meaning it's difficult to itemise against her -Abuses items to no end -Her W makes it difficult to properly CC her as it pseudo negates CC -Laning with her is fun and interactive, but laning against her feels boring and uninteractive -Counters everyone thanks to Conqueror and passive -Point and click damage -Boring design wise as she's just a Q spamming bot that autos you to death if her Q is on CD -Is an assassin-bruiser hybrid who just takes the best aspects from both classes and doesn't inherit their downsides -Can heal for large amounts so long as the player piloting her kills creeps with Q (only gets better after Tiamat and/or any lifesteal item) For reference from all of the Irelias I've faced I have witnessed some very "fun" gameplay when she's fighting someone. Squishies legitimately die from 1k-1.2k in around about 1-2 seconds with ONLY autos (thanks to her passive) when she only has Triforce+Tiamat and against tanks, if they miss anything they die, and if they fight her 1v1 they die. So in reality she just kills everyone, while being a lane bully who doesn't get outscaled, deals physical, magic and true damage, heals like crazy, has mass AOE damage, near infinite mobility, CC (a stun and a slow), incredible comeback potential, and is an unmatched duelist that just manfights anyone so long as she plays even half decently. At this point whenever I hear "IONIA STILL STANDS" I just assume that I'm probably dead since her ult slows you so she can land her stun, she gets a free mark on you for very little risk and/or effort and if anyone is with me that's more of a downside than a positive situation since that just gives her another Conqueror+passive stack. Before moving on to old Irelia I'd also like to point out that the new runes absolutely break new Irelia, and if we were working with the old runes she'd be a lot less oppressive (although she'd still be unhealthy design wise). What about old Irelia? Well, old Irelia it took her at least 4-6 autos to kill you (usually a lot more), and she relied on Sheen procs to get the job done, as well as hitting her ult procs (which wasn't as easy as you may think). Sure, most of her damage was point and click and she was a boring champion, but she was never this 1v5 monster who lacked any sense of counterplay. To counter old Irelia you actually had options, meanwhile this new Irelia is fairly limited in terms of counterplay besides dodging her initial ult....which just spreads to you anyways if you're even with one other person. Wait, but you can dodge new Irelia's stun unlike old Irelia's.....but new Irelia's stun hits outside the hitbox and can cover a large distance and almost any angle/position. Ok, well old Irelia could auto you to death.....but so can new Irelia? If not better, than old Irelia. Fine, old Irelia was a stat-checky champion and new Irelia isn't....except that's not true since new Irelia autos just as much as old Irelia and has a passive that allows her to beat almost anything so long as she has even a little bit of attack speed. I'm starting to see a pattern here.....At this point I'm going to outright say that new Irelia was a failure of a rework that didn't just NOT fix already existing problems with old Irelia, but also brought new problems to the table. The only thing new Irelia did was make Irelia more mechanically complex, which is just countered out by the fact that old Irelia actually had really awful lanes, while new Irelia can win against pretty much every champion in the game, thus making her less difficult in terms of game knowledge. With all this said, I still do not think that old Irelia should come back, it's not a revert I want. Just rework Irelia again to be more healthy and interesting I actually quite enjoy PLAYING new Irelia, but holy moly playing against her makes me want to quit the game due to how frustrating and nonsensical she is. I didn't know that a champion NOT designed by CertainlyT could be this polarising and unhealthy, but here we are.
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