AP malphite and Shyvana

When is this going to get nerfed. They do highest dmg (other than Senna) but she's riots braindead new champ so it makes sense. IT TAKES A WHOLE TEAM TO OUTPLAY THEM (By not getting to close) how is this fair? These players are not better than me and it actually triggers me because I love this game. BUT SKILL IS NOT NEEDED TO WIN (It is to climb steadily) BUT THESE PLAYERS DO NOT CLIMB. It's a cycle of win an lose at most they go up a division than derank. The amount of brainpower these 2 require to pull off is minimal but it takes a whole team to not lose the game against them. I don't understand why skill doesn't matter in this game. I would have to platinum or higher to carry. Where does this make sense? This cancer ridden game is literally about bursting, I don't want to play those boring as champions. People play them to go full tryhard mode and are still hardstuck because all they do is count on kills. When they get behind they have 0 idea how to play. They never climb because they don't have the brainpower, and those who do try to win with some effort get stuck with these players and there's no climbing done. The shit players play OP champs and stay hardstuck, the none shit players try other champs and get outclassed by broken ones. It wouldn't be a problem if malphite or shyvana didn't require 1 brain cell to nuke everyone, meanwhile, it takes the whole team to outplay them.
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