"You don't have to play the game in order to balance it". -Medder and Ghostcrawler

Yeah, it&#039;s fucking obvious that the lead gameplay design developers don&#039;t play the god damn game. <Removed by Moderation> hell, Ghostcrawler is notoriously known for imbalanced games and yet he&#039;s the a main influence to wonky ass shit in this game. He honestly believes that Melee champions are "not as skillful to play", and that they "shouldnt be as rewarding to play as ranged champions". So you're telling me that Vladimir would be less "skillful" to play if he was a melee champion and Ornn would be a fucking God if he was a ranged? <Removed by Moderation> Why is Kai&#039;sa allowed to have a 75% shield with her ult, a 3000 unit dash, a 800 damaging passive, invis, kite-ability, a 600 damage lock on ability, and a long ranged 900 damage 6 screens long W? Why is vladimir good in every position besides jungle? Why does he heal for his entire health bar, can remove himself from the game and heal from it, and one shot an enemy team with R&gt;E? Why does every fucking champion in the game do true damage? What is the point of building any fucking resistances or health when true damage and percentage max health on 80% of the champions exist? Why is Zoe allowed to one shot, not only the playerbase from 8 screens away, but in LCS splits too? You&#039;d think seeing that happen when she has 2 kills with a Luden&#039;s only, that she might be a little over the top? But nah, it&#039;s fun to watch, lets completely throw the balance of the game out the god damn window because it makes for fun content am I right? I miss the League of Legends where I was like &quot;Damn, they outplayed the shit of me&quot;. Now it&#039;s &quot;Ok I guess I stepped up 5 units too far, so now I&#039;m dead instantly&quot;. <Removed by Moderation>
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