Implementation of incoming chat from other players toggle

Can you just implement this tiny feature in your game,Riot? You could argue that people would miss out on communication but that is just a load of bullshit.I've never seen anyone use chat to discuss STRATEGIES to win the game in my Silver and Low Gold games but rather misuse them to flame other people or just be edgelords who demean someone and only say a lot of discouraging words in chat to tilt them which ultimately results in losing the game more often than not and by your own admission with your in-game tip "People who flame lose more games than people who don't",it is true,yes? And by personal enquiries from your player support team MOST of the games end up with people saying NOTHING in the chat.Which means the cons outweigh the pros,yes? I've been playing this game for about 3 years now and the chat text FROM OTHER PLAYERS is just a redundant thing to have in this game UNLESS you are playing with a pre-made team.I believe there are a lot of people who like to Solo Queue and would rather avoid the chat from other players in their games or atleast it would prevent or LOWER THE INCIDENCES of them from tilting and losing their level 30+ account and the pretty skins which they bought with their hard earned money or money that could've been better spent elsewhere.Not only do they lose their entire skin (READ ACTUAL MONEY WITH WHICH YOU BUY FOOD IN REAL LIFE) collection FOR TYPING offensive words in chat,they also might just start a new account only to play with a bunch of people new to the game or people who are just bad at the game which only leads to bad experience to not only the smurf but also the new players since there is a good chance that the smurf is already pretty tilted due to the ban and having to level up a new account to level 30 is NOT fun which leads to the new player getting flamed and here we have the birth of a new player who's now had bad experience and does the same thing that was done to him (monkey see,monkey do),THAT IS IF he's going to stick with the game still after all that and is therefore damaging to the game. Isn't community health a good enough reason to implement a tiny but immensely useful feature like an incoming chat toggle? **_Valve does it with Dota 2 and you can toggle chat visibility in Overwatch with just the combination of two keys on the keyboard which Blizzard made possible.So why does Riot not implement an incredibly useful feature like that?_ ** Your gameplay balance changes recently were made with the solo carry potential in mind,yes? You guys changed the game in the way that let people to be able to solo carry better.Why not let people have control over their incoming chat as well through a SIMPLE TOGGLE OPTION? People who want to type in chat can STILL do so while people who want to avoid spam,flame and discouraging words in chat can avoid those with a toggle feature.EVERYONE WINS. I asked for this feature in customer support but they wanted me to post here in Boards.I guess,Riot is only going to spend resources on what is actively talked about by the playerbase which is understandable but unfortunate.People shouldn't be forced to make a lot of noise for a simple thing like this to get attention but here we are. **Edit** - For the people who suggest /muteall command,I'm not talking about that.I'm asking for a toggle function in game options akin to Colorblind mode.I'm asking for TOGGLE and NOT a chat/console command.Why? Because I don't want to use it EVERY SINGLE GAME OF LEAGUE.I'd like to TOGGLE it on for the rest of my future league games. This is how it is in Dota 2 - Similarly Colorblind Mode TOGGLE in League -
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