Need advice on top lane

Hey guys, I am a low elo player, trying to polish my skills as a top laner and I encounter the following scenarios: a) I get destroyed and the enemy toplaners becomes an unstoppable supervillain that my team can do nothing against. b) I destroy my enemy but I cannot take that advantage to the level my enemies usuay do and end up losing anyway. I can't remember a game where the situation was even, either win hard or lose hard. Late game even if I am far ahead I end up being ccd to death. On the other hand if enemy toplaner is fed, no matter how much cc we have my team seems like not strong enough to kill him. What advice do you guys have for me to survive a stronger enemy and to help my team and not feel like a target dummy after I win lane. I mainly play Darius and Mordekaiser. Thank you. PS Excuse bad English
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