Please bring back Season 3 League!

Now I recognise season 3 wasn't withouth flaws, but seriously, as long as I remember it was one of the best seasons ever, why? Mostly, because you could carry!!!!, what's so stupid about this 8th season is that YOU CANT CARRY, the game is a freaking coinflip, if you get a good team you are lucky cause you just won the game, if you get a bad team you are screewed because its impossible to carry. In season 7 I was able to carry despite half the time getting bad teams, I would normally get the same ammount of good and bad teams, but I was able to carry half the bad ones, so I climbed to gold. Now in this season I demoted from silver I (where i was placed) all the way to silver 3, because despite me doing good in most of my games, my team ALMOST ALWAYS feeds and I CAN'T CARRY unless I have a KDA of like 20/4. So please, I beg you Riot, make the game as easy to carry as it was from season 3-7, this season sucked.
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