As long as yasuo has his windwall he will be my go-to ban

It's that simple. I hate this ability, I hate my projectiles being blocked, I hate my carries being blocked when I initiate as a tank. And to those of you who say "play around it" - I also hate missing opportunities to engage because some enemy character has the ability to nullify my engage just by pressing w in the direction of my teammates. Giving a defensive spell so strong on a high damage character will never feel fair, so I would rather just not play against it. Just a short message to RIOT, in case they eventually fulfill their promise to work on yasuo in order to make him less annoying. And on a completely unrelated topic, just because I know that you will bring it to me - I would not ban yasuo if someone of my team hovers him. I would just hope the enemy team do it, and if they don't - I still prefer dodge penalty over a game with this BS.
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