25 things I HATE about League of Legends

Hey guys. Before you think I'm a salty bitch, League of Legends is one of my favourite games. If you ask me, it deserves to be the most played game in the world. But like every game, there are things that you hate about it. I've wanted to do this for a long time, am I finally am. So... yeah. Have fun. I'm gonna get downvoted so damn heavily for this. 1. How fucking OP {{champion:67}} is 2. How fucking OP {{champion:142}} is 3. How fucking useless top lane is 4. The blue essence system is retarded. What was wrong with the old IP system?? 5. {{champion:67}} is a better assassin than... assassins 6. {{champion:29}} is a better assassin than... assassins 7. Fuck the new client. It looks awesome and all, but the old one seemed to make me want to play more of this game 8. {{champion:266}} : he's still shit 9. {{champion:83}} : he's still shit 10. {{champion:82}} he's still shit 11. {{champion:136}} is such a dissapointment 12. Who gives a flying fuck about Twisted Treeline? 13. Why is URF rarely on? It's a great way to take a break from the torture we know as ranked 14. SUMMONER ICONS COST RP... WHY?!?!?!?! 15. {{champion:9}} still hasn't been reworked 16. {{champion:10}} still hasn't been reworked 17. {{champion:25}} still hasn't been reworked 18. The new draft pick system is so retarded. In the old one you actually had more time to fix your runes and think your champion. 19. Speaking of runes, fuck the new runes. 20. Riot do a better job at making cinematic trailers than actually balancing their game. 21. The community 22. Emotes 23. The lack of new missions. They only come at special events, which really sucks considering how stupidly hard it is to get blue essence 24. Speaking of missions, First Win of the Day now is fucking useless. 25. Finally, {{champion:29}}
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