Yasuo ult is a joke

Why the actual fuck is it 30 seconds rank 3 with no CDR? Oh I know, because he cannot use his ult whenever he feels like. But what about Kai'sa, Swain and there are some others. They cannot use their ultimates anytime they want but their ults are over 60 seconds? Why? Why is there so much bias towards this overloaded, auto win bullshit? This fucking champion can use ult on any fucking displacement or knockup. He can ult on Alistar Q and Janna Q but he can also ult on stupid shit like Diana E, Thresh E and more that displace targets for like 0.2 seconds, but he can use ult on them to turn that 0.2 second CC into 1.2 second CC. Also why does he get bonus armor penetration on every target? Even targets that haven't been knocked up with Yasuo R still take extra damage. If he should keep 30 second CD rank 3, make it so he has to set up his own knockup instead or increase the cooldown to 60 second rank 3.
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