@Riot, If you want to make on-hit builds more distinct from crit builds, why not change Runaan's?

Remember when Runaan's Hurricane used to be an on-hit only item? In late season five, they reworked it into a critical strike item, which still applied a +15 damage on-hit, though they greatly reduced the damage of the lesser bolts. Then, in season seven, they further pushed the item towards a critical strike build by removing the on-hit passive, and increasing the base damage of the bolts. This has had some positive effects, allowing critical strike users to purchase this good AoE item (like Ashe or Jinx or Cait at certain points). However, if you wish to better diversify crit builds from on-hit ones, why not make some more changes to it to solidify it as one or the other? What I would do is actually split the item into two separate items, a la the Hydra items. One of the items would be pretty much the same as the current version, perhaps with slightly less attack speed but a greater portion of AD on the lesser bolts, or maybe even some form of Energized attack to help synergy with RFC and SS. The second item would be closer to the original incarnation of Runaan's. It would have an on-hit effect built into it, +15 damage or something close, and would have a lower AD conversion rate for the lesser bolts, along with no critical strike modifier and increased attack speed. Just like how with other items that share passives, these two items would only apply the best parts of each other's passives. Like how Iceborn + Triforce deals 200% to the primary target and 100% to the AoE. What do you guys think? Would this be a good idea? Why or why not?
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