Riot, i have some questions about Yorick and his rework

Just a few questions i have about Yorick and his upcoming rework. Before i start, however, i'd like to say that even without any answers to this post, i'm still pretty hyped for his rework: he was, after all, the original "my whole kit is about summons" type of champion. * Malzahar's update made his main damage source his minions. Annie and Zyra, to a certain extend, are also now based off their summons. Does that mean Yorick will be updated in a different direction? By this, i mean necromancer instead of minionmancer: instead of summoning minions who look like zombies, will his kit feature a "something happens when things die around me" ability? * Will he still be tanky? Illaoi does focus on her passive summons, but is a juggernaut. Yorick being unkillable with a swarm of ghouls is still considered plausible. * Shovel, hunchback and sadness. Will Yorick keep those? With the pretty neat Skarner story, Yorick digging right through our hearts is possible. * Pentakill album. How's it going? Anything you want to focus on?

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