Honestly, I'd be totally okay with Gunblade being nerfed, as long as it's not losing stats

Big ticket items that you actually feel *good* building are pretty damn rare and finishing your Gunblade feels great as you get an awesome offensive tool that fulfills its niche as *the* hybrid powerspike. There's a problem though when mages start building it. They have Deathcap for their late game fantasy and they shouldn't really opt into hybrid itemisation but before you nerf the item's stats consider one(or maybe two) of the following changes to it: -Nerf the active CD I don't even know why it was lowered to begin with but 40 seconds for such a big chunk of burst on top of a champion's usual spells is a bit overkill. Consider raising it to 60ish seconds -Make it more expensive Add maybe 200 or so more to its combination cost -Rework the active You shouldn't really be building Gunblade as a replacement for the dreaded Deathfire Grasp. So why not change the active a tad and make it more utility focused for hybrid champions (less/no damage, more slow) or make it a DoT? -Shift the stats around Hybrid champions really couldn't care less about the AD and AP values being adjusted so maybe changing them around wouldn't be a bad thing (Say 60 Ad and 60 AP or something like that) -Make it Melee only(?) probably one of the worst suggestions but a lot of the hybrid champions who use it are melee (Akali, Morde, Jax) so maybe it could be something worth considering Or maybe it's an actual problem with the champion's kit if they have to warp their build to actually function. Just my two cents on this issue, I really don't like it if my champion's builds get nerfed because of abuse cases. (Rip old Steraks)
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