You guys don't know the difference between scaling WELL and scaling FAST

{{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:69}} : Hyper-carry champs like these? Scale WELL. Their late game power is nearly untouchable unless you have other hyper-carry champs to fight them with. {{champion:157}} : THIS GUY? His late game potential is hurt by his own passive. He scales *quickly,* but the end result of that scaling is cut down because he has a damage penalty on his crits. Because of this passive, he can't even stack crit item effects without wasting a ton of gold value from crit stats. By the time you get to late game, other skirmisher picks like {{champion:41}} and {{champion:11}} will have out-scaled him...ones that actually scale *well* instead of *quickly.* Edit: Don't think I'm saying Yasuo should be *useless* by late game. I'm mainly saying that you guys put **every damn thing about this guy on a pedestal at all times and it's irritating.** Yasuo's not some late game monster. His strongest point is during the MID game, after finishing IE/PD, landing 100% crit when your marksman only has 50%.
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