If I reach gold (or higher) in ranked 3 vs 3 , will I still get the end of season rewards ?

So , I have been playing league for many many years , and I have always gotten the end of season reward. However , I hate playing ranked 5 vs 5 , but I always do in the end of the season , just to get the victorious skin , because I like them. This year , I am finding less and less fun playing SR , and I am playing SR only with friends (Of different elos , so we can't even play ranked together) , so I am playing a lot of ARAM and TTL. To sum it up , I don't played ranked 5 vs 5 and I want to know if playing ranked 3 vs 3 I will still get the season's rewards (or at least the victorious skin) Ps : If someone could tell me if you can get mastery six and seven tokens playing ranked TTL that would be great. I know that ARAM gives you mastery points , but not the tokens.
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