Can i have 4 minutes of your time.

I would genuinely love to talk to all of you about this game. First of all. Ask your self, (don't need to reply to me on what you say.) But ask yourself. do you enjoy league? Second. Are you able to stop playing? if not, why cant you. addiction? thats fine. i can understand that. i would like to provide a website on how many hours you play league in its entirety. Heres the link, put your username into it and it will show the amount of time provided to this game. My Record shows... ive have spent 102,255 minutes. or 1,704 hours or 71 DAYS 71 days. of PURE league of legends. that is actually insane when you think about 71 days worth of pure league of legends. There is a guy that has played 512 days worth of his life on this single game, that changes all the time. it is frustrating. I don't get how that person hasn't hit the bucket yet. this game has driven me insane in my 30th day of pure league. but 512.... that's a fuck ton of time... that you can never get back, When i say Get back I mean the things you could have done in that time. replace league with anything else. At that point, 512 days isn't just out of fun for the game, its a competition for him. he wants to be the #1 person... the record holder for this game. Isn't time to move onto something new? What finally killed the addiction (yes, i actually was addicted to this game.) what killed the addiction was another game for me. it was Elsword. yeah i get it. kids game, but this game isnt about 30 minutes at a time, doing the same thing over and over and over. this game has variety on charaters, items, dungeons, etc. you progress. and dont start over from minute 1 again. I hope you guys actually can stop playing league because i care for those that are unhappy yet still play this game. i want you to try and find something new for the sake of sanity. dont play this game. accept what elo your in, or accept the highest elo youve made it too. i made it to P5, hoping to get to diamond this year. but the changes that are constantly made to league cannot let me go past P5. im happy with P5, im not trying to prove anything. and i hope you can understand that. Just find a game. anything. League should not be your answer. this game is so toxic, Elsword is friendly. league makes me hate life. Elsword doesn't. 5 weeks of not playing league and i feel great, i want others to feel good about themselves too on games.

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