Viktor's Patch 6.9 entry shows that whoever worked on Vik has no idea who he truly is >_>

So, I've been recently advocating league's very own version of Tesla, trying to avert yet another rework that fails completely at capturing a champion's identity and the very things that make them unique and fun to play. Welp, I failed. Hell, we all know Riot doesn't have the best track record when it comes to changing reworks for champions that nobody plays. As long as your name isn't Lee sin or Riven you're screwed but anyways, there's something far more infuriating, which is the Patch entry for Viktor. I quote; >Despite sporting a kit full of unique teamfighting tools, most of Viktor’s gadgets have been historically kept on a tight leash due to the efficiency of Death Ray’s infamous **Augment: Shockwave.** Last time I checked it was Augment:AFTERSCHOCK The moment I saw this I dismissed it as nothing more but a minor naming error, there are so many champions with so many skill names, but oh god, what follows makes me really, really, really unhappy. >Opponents aren’t evaporated for making a single mistake, and Viktor gets to carry a fight through intelligent play like the diabolical mastermind he is. Okay, really? Really? First off, People messing up should make them be punished and not simply have to deal with minor inconveniences like viktor's pitiful Death ray impact damage. Secondly, and what leaves a bitter taste in my mouth; **DIABOLICAL MASTERMIND** Whoever was in charge of this does NOT know who Viktor's supposed to be! Jesus christ (Prepare for some serious venting, profanity will be kept at a minimum but me not having had my coffee might make this a tad offensive) Viktor is NOT a Villain per se, he is not your saturday morning bad guy with monocle and twirly moustache. I remember when Jayce's lore came about and EVERYBODY instantly freaked out about it pinning Viktor as THE bad guy, a real Jerk and cardboard cutout of your average villain. Viktor might be SEEN as a villain but he is NOT DIABOLICAL. Viktor's a misguided genius who was stricken with anger, betrayal and depression, locking himself in his lab after his life's creation has been stolen from him by his mentor, leaving a serious mark on the inventor. He was betrayed by humanity and the very people he trusted, making him turn towards Technimaturgy to rid Humanity of these flaws, of corruption, envy, hate, to evolve past the feeble flesh and ascend to greater spheres through the use of technology. Viktor is a VISONARY Just look at his passive icon Viktor is a misguided genius, betrayed by humanity and seeking to relinquish all the emotions that make humans suffer, but ultimately make us human. He is not malicious in any way. He strives to IMPROVE upon humanity, paving the way for the glorious evolution. He is the machine herald bent on carrying humanity beyond the boundaries of their weak flesh and augment them, ridding them of their flaws but sadly also their humanity. He is a tragic character, no villainous individual bent on everyone's destruction. //rant// Tl;DR Viktor's changes are a thematic failure and whoever reworked him has no idea who viktor's supposed to be,
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