Divers and Juggernauts already shit all over top lane

Why did characters that were already dominating their lane get buffs? If anything divers in the jungle needed these 5AD / 5 damage additions to their skills {{champion:420}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} even {{champion:58}} who has an overall lower winrate; all of them win laning phase hard, and didn't need any buffs to make {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} and others dip even further past the 48% winrate mark. The meta was already going in that direction with tanks going into the jungle and support roles, making tanks top just get set behind by these fighters and be less relevent than the tanks in those other roles. Where's the buffs to playmaking junglers and ones that pick fights in the enemy camps? {{champion:24}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:64}} and others could all use buffs to make their first clear healthier and let them get into scuffles early without effecting their performance in lane (Of these three, that pretty much just applies to Jax). Where's the buffs to tanks in the top lane to compensate for the loss of the Fearless, Siegemastger, Legendary Guardian, and Tough Skin masteries? Why do tanks get to be shafted so hard both in the early game where they have a hard time last-hitting and have nothing in the way of defenses, while also being shafted in the late game when the adc picks up a {{item:3035}}, while ALSO being shafted throughout laning as soon as their off-tank or pure ad opponent picks up a {{item:3071}} to invalidate whatever semblance of defense they were accumulating. Why give the missing 9 Armor gold runes but not the 12.5 armor from quints or the 8.5 from red runes? Sure there isn't the innate lethality from runes either anymore, but fighters were more often taking flat AD for which they already were compensated in the preseason update. The only thing tanks can do is hope there isn't a tank on the enemy team in one of the better tank roles, sit around under tower and get two levels behind, then act as a human shield for their team's adc later because they sure as shit aren't going to be sustaining in the early or middle laning phase.
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