This is completely insane

At first i thought that these new changes were for the better, but man i was wrong I am not trying to be a little bish, but man i just can't, this is too much Blue Essence ( Here Riot did the opposite of what they said they will ) - It is significantly harder to gain currency now since the changes from IP to BE ( you receive less currency than before ) - The price for champion shards was doubled, it is not even worth buying one anymore - The price for upgrading a champion's mastery level is outrageous ( 3250 BE ) it takes about 3 days of GRIND to get the required amount of BE Orange Essence ( Here is the biggest screw you in the history of games i ever seen ) - It takes 6 ultimate skin shards to forge an ultimate skin - It takes 3 ultimate skin shards to forge a legendary skin - it takes 2 ultimate skin shard to forge an epic skin Runes ( I did expect things to get a little unbalanced, but man, how can you fail at math so hard ) - Yesterday i got destroyed in a 1 v 1 by a taric support while playing warwick, i had cynderhulk and titanic completed, while he only had iceborn gauntlet, yet he mopped the floor with me - Today the enemy ornn had the highest damage in the game, by building full tank.. he had more damage than the enemy jhin who was 18-3 while ornn was 8-7 full tank Now please tell me, WHAT THE FUCK is going on here..
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