How to address LoL's Rank Issues? A New (Classic) Summoner Rift Map

**(Warning!!! Wall of text incoming. This is not a hate on Supports, just trying to fix the game)** So I tried to link a crappy picture I made of a simple blue print of a New Map. However, I have failed. So I will do my best to explain my idea. **:::Changes:::** (1.) Four main lanes (jungle will also still exist to create the 5th person's location) (2.) The middle 2 lanes will collapse to create a single middle lane at the tier 2 tower. This will form a Diamond pattern. Think of a (Y) and an upside down (Y) touch. The top portion of the (Y) is where the towers are and the 2nd tier tower is the fork in the road. The outside lanes (Top and Bottom) will continue to follow same pathway. Here is an example of each tower tiers: > 1st Tier Towers = 4 > 2nd Tier Towers and Inhibitor Towers = 3 > Nexus Towers = 2 (3.) Baron and Dragon will be closer to each other because they will place between the 2 middle lanes. The two buffs will be back to back with a jungle path separating the walls. Similar to how the middle of Twisted Tree line has a warped or bowed middle creating a pathway. This will make the two buffs more contested and increasing the value of the buffs as it will be harder to obtain. (4.) Jungle camps will still be 6 on each side of the map, but spread out more. As a result, more experience may be required to balance out the travel time from left to right // right to left clears, but may promote more invasion of north and south to compensate for increase distances. Testing will be required. (5.) Jungle will be recreated to match the maps new design. Promoting better warding and team play overall as a result of the new map. (6.) River sections result in MORE Scuttle Craps. Instead of just 2, 4 will be added as an incentive for junglers to grab a crab for easy hp restore and map control. Likewise, the speed buff will help lanes gank quicker and aid in controlling the new location of Baron and Dragon. **:::What does this solve?:::** (1.) Removes the requirement of Support as a role. Everyone will have their own lanes to manage. Failure of a mid lane will result in increase lane pressures of other mid lane and either top or bottom lanes, which ever are closest to the lane that has fallen. Because Support will no longer exist, everyone is open to play any role they want, including support like champions (after their rework, see below). Since everyone will have their own pool of income, people will no longer feel gold starved as a player. (2.) Lane failures will increase roaming and decrease game durations. Bottom and top failures are less damaging, the new mid lanes result in more damage. This means mid lanes should be the focus of experience players and the outside lanes for less experience players. For example: if a mid lane loses, now the mid 2nd tier turret can be pressured from the winning lane. The back end of a stable mid lane and the surrounding jungle of the middle lane which is winning the lane phase. This will result in increase tower diving and also places heavy focus for map awareness. The winning lane also has more opportunity to gank enemy junglers and the parallel lanes, because the parallel lanes will be closer. (AKA more ganking from mid laners of winning lanes) Also, the closer lanes will promote control of the increase Scuttle Crabs as proposed above in #6 ideas. This map is design to punish players for being poor at lane phase and award those who are good. However, a team will still be required to win the game as the map will be larger and result in increase map awareness. (3.) Warding and map control will be more demanding. Removing the support role and allowing anyone to play anything, will put pressure on the design team to **RETHINK **warding. My proposal is to put more emphasis towards opening up ward options and trinkets. My idea is to have a designated bag slot to place pink wards. Remove the Sightstone items and have 3 levels of upgrades for a player’s trinket. These upgrades will be following levels (1/7/14). Leave the current upgrade trinkets as they are (Yellow, Blue, Sweeper [Red}). At level 14, upgrades can be free purchased. Examples: Yellow is a 3rd ward (requires no purchase), Blue has a 2nd charge, Sweeper now shows invisible units to counter champion abilities like Vayne or Twitch if they go invisible. (4.) More More More... No support role means the Dynamic Que can now have the following roles: Top, Bot, Middle, and Jungle. People can play what they want and not punish their team for not having a support to be token warding player (sightstone is not rewarding to have in a bag slot, especially since you never upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone early, because the gold cost value is only worth about 5-7 mins of game time). Likewise, the que times will be much shorter. Why? There are no required support roles. This means riot will need to have reworks for the current support champions to be apart of the 4 main roles. This can be done in a massive support & map update (Season 7 or mid Season 7 update). Toxicity will decrease, but could also increase. Decrease will result because people get to play a lane or jungle and feel rewarding to have their own sustainable income. Increase will result if someone is bad at lane and indirectly (or directly) hurt their team. However, this already occurs in our current map. As a result, lane phase will have more value. Masteries that focus on solo targets now will be more useful as there will be 1 champion to a lane. It was damaging to gank a duel lane with a mastery that focuses on solo targets, because the champion would lose % of damage just for having 2 champions. Finally, more champion choices. Every champion is unique in some form. Since there are less options (reduction by 1 role and 2 options because no Fill or Support selections), now champions can be properly balanced to match their power-spikes. Balance occurs based on how well a champion does in lane in a 1v1 match up based on their lane selections. Also, lane swapping will promote team work as no one will be able to see who is going where besides the junglers in the load menu. This adds a little chaos to the opening of a game and forces teams to compensate for not factoring in the random lane partners if they chose not to ward or show vision of which lane they will be in. Also, summoner spells will be more critical to select. So this is my idea to fix LoL. A new Map will create new issues, but I believe it will fix our current issues. Current issues are: 1. Que Times (Diamond+ im looking at you) 2. Players satisfaction of playing a role that will always matter (reduction of toxic players?) 3. Build team play in a team base game (understand that winning lane is not the only important factor of the game, objectives and helping team mates to finish a game quicker is most also valuable)

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