Of all the things that shouldn't be counted in 3's...

Vayne's Silver Bolts should proc from 4 (four) autoattacks. It can be more powerful lategame (perhaps scaling a little with AD for example; I mean it's scaling true damage already) but let's be real: no one is getting away from her before she shoots 3 bolts as early as midgame without popping {{summoner:4}}, some crazy ult or a broken mobility cooldown. At that point playing around Bolts isn't counterplay; it's slaughter. It's a matter of losing most of your HP from one rotation and trying to not die while you're at a sliver of health. You aren't killing her first either - she sneezes with an AS build and out comes 3 bolts. She breathes next to someone and procs Silver Bolts once she has {{item:3124}}. Again: let's not beat around the bush here. This is reality. Vayne is currently ridiculous and deserves a change like this. So long as the likes of {{champion:67}} and {{champion:429}} are forced to be pure AS-oriented champions, they will be unbalanceable nightmares. I don't care what kind of meta it is, these two champions will always be either garbage or broken. Just a side note. Edit: I challenge anyone who downvotes me to tell me why Vayne DOESN'T deserve this change.

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