ok adc mains, answer me this.

do you want to get to be a hypercarry at 4 and 5 items, or do you want to have game impact already with 2 items? chose 1. you dont get both. because most of the complaints when it comes to the class right now, is that they dont feel like they have any impact on the game until at least 3 items, as if this was some sort of surprise. especially critical strike builds are multiplicative item builds that by design start out weak and ramp up to large dps the more ad, crit and attack speed items you stack, and the more their stats are multiplying each other. if youre stacking items that are intended to scale heavy into lategame, you cant expect to pop off early as soon as you have 2 of them. that was season 7, and probably one of the most garbage, unfun seasons this game ever had. so what will it be? do you want to give up your lategame scaling as hypercarries, or do you want to have game agency early? make a decision, but when you do, live with the consequences and stop complaining.
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