Illaoi's soul stealing is Broken

{{champion:420}} has here e which isn't remotely balanced. First off if you try to run away it is absolutely impossible due to the slow and massive damage from leaving your soul. If you stay and fight than her entire team goes in and she ults which makes a massive aoe, u die now. This would be ok if she was prone to something like cc or squishy. Though she isn't susceptible to cc due to here tentacles dealing all the damage and she isn't squishy as she is a tank. Rito please make some counterplay as I find fighting {{champion:83}} easier to play against than {{champion:420}} . Also it is rubbing salt in the wounds of all of us who have suffering play styles due to season 6 changes (such as turrets are now as useful as full {{item:3089}} {{champion:421}} .
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