Remember when characters like Blitz and kass were permabanned

Back in the day when those two champions were banned based off of what their kits could do, i.e. {{champion:53}} A+ displacement and {{champion:38}} then long range damaging flash, and those two were considered top tier. Remember the renekton bar? And lee sin and elise's reigns over the jungle? I bring these examples of champs in their prime up because i can't think of a time where in the past champions other than maybe {{champion:67}} relying on true damage to force them to be viable. Conqueror combined with the prevalence of percent health damage in the game is really starting to stagnate the champ pool hard. I liked when the game had more options available to play rather than what we have now, not that previous seasons were perfect mind you but the problems present in the game today have been something that has been getting progressively worse for a long while now. It's weird because ive been seeing a fair amount of success in climbing this season with bruisers being as absurdly overpowered as they are because those champs make up my main's, (well that and tanks but those don't look like they will be in any way viable anytime soon). Matches can go well but they lack the same kick as they used to, games end with people instantly bursting everyone rather than taking objectives and outplaying their opponents. I looked at the patch notes on surrender and i felt so disappointed with how they don't seem to learn, people not just casuals but pro's and streamers alike agree that their is much wrong with the game this season more so than what clowny stuff we usually see out of riot every year. But rather than take any of it to heart riots balance team is content to progress further toward shorter more homogenized matches sacrificing depth for the sake of appealing to some sort of non existent niche of players. I'd wish that they take the necessary steps back in order to get the game back into an enjoyable state but from what im seeing in the pbe the only thing they seem to have heard from the community at large is to buff damage further in order to *force* champs into being meta. Buffing numbers to an absurd degree is like a band aid when what we really need at this point is a suture at the bare minimum, the game has become a tangle of issues that riot keeps dumping more things onto and it's only getting worse.
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