Remove Ignite from the game

I think Riot should remove {{summoner:14}} from the game. The spell is not only super outdated on today's league, because everything has already too much damage. Why would we need a spell that gives true damage (Max 505, which is like 1/4 of an adc life late game), that also gives true vision and Grievous Wounds. For example,when a {{champion:238}} R someone, insta {{summoner:14}} them. Because zed full combo isn't strong enough for his ult, it will also deal more damage on the proc. {{champion:91}} is another perfect example, his burst is already super high, and even more with ignite. Ignite is in a place so ridiculous that when i go top with {{summoner:12}} , i usually face 3 top, mid and support {{summoner:14}} on the enemy team. That doesn't make any sense. Probably 90% of the games i play, both supports have {{summoner:14}}, 50% of top lanners use {{summoner:12}} and 80% the mid lanners use {{summoner:14}}, which is a superb number. Like, its really great playing mid when out of nowhere you get ulted by {{champion:432}} , them he just Q, {{summoner:14}}, Auto, and you are dead. With the Runes Reforge, everyone gives more damage, and with the {{summoner:14}} in his current state, its impossible to play a game with only 1 {{summoner:14}} in the enemy team. It's just impossible. There are people saying that without {{summoner:14}} you can't play against champs like Aatrox, but you can buy items to counter it {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} , the same way you buy {{item:3140}} against a malz. It's exactly the same. You adapt your purchases around the enemy team, or else there would be just one build for every single champ and that's it. The cooldown is really low for what it does, it gives too much of a kill potential, making a champ with {{summoner:14}} against one without a upper hand in every trade (unless they take {{summoner:1}} ). {{summoner:14}} outshines {{summoner:21}} (Lasts 2 seconds vs 5 of Ignite) and {{summoner:7}} (only 50% of the heal). Overall the spell isn't healthy for the game, making everyone have too much kill potential with the "low risk and high reward" gamestyle.

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