How to revamp and fixed Ranked Game Play

A lot of youtuber's lately have been hitting Leagues Ranked Ladder system hard lately, mainly because there are infact a vast amount of Problems with the General ranked system it has. I would like to offer a solution to Riot to fix ranked. As we all know League of Legends has over a 130 champions in it to play as. Players from One tricks to the Professional scene take pride in thier ranks. Some players in Iron and Bronze however are constantly becoming toxic and complaining about their rank. The lower ello players even came up with a term widely used and believed in today. Ello Hell. A place that no matter how good you may be you can not escape. Now we all can agree being a lower rank than we think we are, makes people feel like Shit if you will pardon my language. This is not a fun aspect of league of Legends and League at its Core is a Game. Games are by their very nature supposed to bring Fun and enjoyment to our lives. So I prepose a change to ranked system to honor that Core Purpose. Player based LP and MMR should of never been used to determine a persons rank. Why? Well MMR doesn't decrease over time for example, so If your a challenger player and you quit league of legends for a year and come back, you'll still be placed against other challenger players. This is a terrible thing, there is no way your skill level is still at challenger after such a break in the game. Lets not even get into all the changes you've missed. Your muscle memory, eye speed alone would drop you down. Putting any team your on at a disadvantage till you adjust once again to the game. Also even pro players like Faker, Doublelift ect.. isn't challenger with every champion in the game. Many sure, but not every single one, I believe even they would admit to that. And it's very understandable why they arn't there simply is no way to play all of them to that level, you simply don't have enough time to put the hours in. So when am I gonna get to my solution, how about right now. We Revamp Ranked and remove Player based Ranks tobe replaced by Player Champion Based Ranks. See we can not outright just ignore the Players Skill himself, So we take his MMR and LP, and average it against his Champions MMR. He might be a Challenger player with Shaco, but a diamond player with Garen for example. So his MMR would place him in high diamond matches, instead of challenger with Garen. This way player profiles could retain their highest ranked achieved but also farely place them when they go to try a champion they have never played or have little experence with. Yes this would take massive calculations to get right but we already have the data for it. You can goto websites and see a person's win% on certian champions. We have the data that shows both the best say garen player in every region and the world. All we gotta do is connect the dots. Doing this will give players bragging rights about how good they are on certin champions apposed to their Highest Ranked. Which will I believe take down the toxic level of players and add more enjoyment to the game, while fixing a rather wonky Rank system we have today.
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