This has been a huge issue for me ever since the new so called pre-season came along. The region i play in is EUNE. i have played for almost a year now (to some that is little) and ever since i got to level 28 i have played only draft, normals. The draft is crucial for many reasons, banning the champions you do not want to face, ensuring you know what you are doing, securing a champion only for you and or your team, not competing with yourself essentially. It helps comp picks counterpicks, and even just MENTAL PREPARATION for the game. i have time to chose masteries runes etc.. but MOST of all, IT TELLS YOU AND YOUR TEAM WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY, BASED ON YOUR OWN DESIRE. My main issue is the raging, the anger and the fury that this game brings to my life right now, i dedicate so much time and effort on it, why?, because i like it, at least i used to. In every single game i have had in the draft pick since then, either MY TEAM OR THE ENEMY TEAM RAGE. i mean actual fury, and i have experienced it myself. All because someone didnt get what they wanted to play or something along these lines. The worst is it makes me cry, and im sure many many others are upset too, but riot SEEMS TO NOT CARE. This is a serious issue. Most of the youtubers have mentioned on this problem. I PLAY LEAGUE FOR FUN, WHY ARE YOU TAKING AWAY MY FUN? I heard it is due to low cue participation, and lowering wait time. That IS THE PRICE TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU CHOSE. I CHOSE TO WAIT SO I PLAY WHAT I WANT AND I KNOW MY TEAMMATES ARE PLAYING WHAT THEY WANT AND WHAT THEY CAN. We know what we are supposed to do, and if we are trying something new, we say it. If someone doesn't want to wait for the queue time, well then yes go to blind pick, I WANT TO HAVE A CHOICE. As for the balance issues with the matchups, those are not solved one bit through this new only blind pick, all it does is RUSH ME INTO A GAME. It does not allow me to take my time with the game to see what everyone plays, what i wonna play. And it is ALL BASED ON WHO'S INTERNET IS FASTEST TO GET YOU INTO THE CHAT ROOM AND WRITE SPAMMING WHAT YOU WANT only to find that the new method for success is WHO LOCKS IN FASTEST. I am very upset over this change, many of us are, but our voices are not heard, almost as if because we are one of the minor servers we are ignored, and that is just sad ;(. I do NOT want to be FORCED into playing ranked to get draft, because it is stressfull, or to play blind pick and just waste my nerves. I ASK YOU RIOT, IS THIS THE GAME YOU WANTED TO CREATE. BECAUSE FOR ME, YOU ARE RUINING MY EXPERIENCE AND YOUR OWN GAME. I DOUPT YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR FANS, CLIENTS, FRIENDS, PLAYERS, WHATEVER YOU CALL IT. I CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE, BUT YOU MIGHT PUSH ME TO, AND MANY OTHERS UNFORTUNATELY. I'D BE GRATEFUL TO AT LEAST KNOW WHAT TO DO TO CHANGE THIS DECISION, IF IT IS SIGNATURES, I'LL FIND A WAY TO GET THEM. BUT THIS ISSUE NEEDS ATTENTION. thank you, Gerintzeto
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