The more you report it, the louder the truth gets. forced Winrates need to be fixed

It isn't just "tilt" or my "imagination" where I get promoted to the next rank/ win a big streak of games and the next 5-30 games will be losses and scores of 32-2 or 56-1 over and over. These are "people" if you can even call them that are the vilest verbal abusing/griefing creatures you will ever meet in a video game. They make the Jake Paul youtube comment section seem like Einsteins of our generations. I've had to report every single teammate for the past 10 games in a row in my 3v3 ranked games. Hell I was asking for a perma ban/IP ban in the report from how dangerously toxic and griefing they were. Riot keeps denying their is no forced 50% winrate sounding like Charles Manson denying of ever committing a crime. Ain't nobody believing your non-sense Riot. Either admit to what you are doing, or remove it from the system Riot.
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