9.24 Yuumi feedback

I'm just gonna jump right into this. (This is all based on the current PBE Yuumi changes {{champion:350}} ) Passive - I think the changes to her passive are good, especially considering that the mana cost of her other abilities was increased. Making her passive stronger/more necessary to her kit encourages Yuumi players to jump off of their allies and play a little aggressive in order to get that mana and shield. I think that in general this is a healthy mindset to have with Yuumi, because of the fact that she is invincible most of the time. Q - I don't entirely mind another damage nerf, but the decrease in duration doesn't feel the best. I think I would be fine with something like: Base duration = 2 seconds (+ 0.1 seconds per rank). Another possibility for her Q would be to make it so it does splash damage, BUT only while she is unattached. This would make the otherwise slow and weak projectile at least useful in it's own way, which would push her to actually try to use it like a regular skill shot and detach from her allies. (Edit 2): I appreciate all the comments! One of them mentioned making Yummi's Q mark enemies so they take more/bonus damage and I think that is a great Idea! Basically the damage on the Q could be completely removed in favor of it being a more support/teamfight tool rather than a poke tool. The mark could do something like: "Enemies marked take bonus damage when hit by allies for X seconds" or it could just be a single burst of bonus damage if they are hit by an ally. Additionally this could be stronger for melee champs who are obviously going to be in the middle of fights and will die most often, which is naturally risky for Yuumi. Either way I think it's a cool idea to think about because it removes basically all of her direct damage and makes her a full utility champ which might be what she need. W - I really don't like these changes. That's probably not surprising, but let's break it down. So the first big change is that she has a new .25 second channel time when attaching to allies from an unattached state. While that doesn't sound like a long time it can ruin a lot of clutch plays and it pushes the champion in the opposite direction of her passive. This change makes popping off of your allies inherently riskier than it already is because you are vulnerable for longer after casting your W. (Keep in mind her W can still be interrupted midair) This issue is significantly compounded by the second change which makes it so that her W is put on a 5 second cooldown after being hit by immobilizing CC. If Yuumi is hit by CC it already means she is very likely to die she is quite literally one of, if not the squishiest champ in the game. This also means she cannot heal her allies for 5 seconds. She is not only CC'd but she then loses her purpose for 5 seconds, she "is no longer a champion" as the kids say. To compensate the adaptive force given by her W has been increased... which is still pushing her into that stagnant position of never popping off of her allies, because now she is gaining more power from just sitting on them. My recommendation for Yuumi's W: Revert it back, then remove the adaptive force entirely. Then make it so that her W slowly gains stacks/power over time while she is unattached from allies. Once she attaches each stack empowers her allies next auto attack to do extra magic damage. This not only encourages playing more independently while still keeping the core Idea of her W making her allies stronger while she's attached. These stacks could even be collectible moon-moths floating around the rift as a nod to her lore. This would also encourage Yuumi players to build boots, move on their own to ward more and walk to objectives on their own rather than sitting on allies the whole time. I think frolicking around and collecting moon-moths is exactly the type of thing Yuumi would do and it fits her character perfectly. (Edit): Clarification on this W suggestion. Moon-moths would not work like Bard's Chimes, but more like thresh/senna souls that just pop up from minions, except with brush. Basically the moths would spawn in the brush around lane within X range of Yuumi. Each brush would have a "cooldown time". Basically the idea is not to get Yuumi to roam, but rather to make her move around the lane by herself a little more and make use of brush to poke/ward more than she might if she was just staying attached to her ADC most of the game. Furthermore, having lane priority would give Yuumi more chances to collect moths from brush, which promotes an aggressive playstyle. This is really just a random idea I had to make her W more interactive and it could totally be something else, however I wanted to clarify what I meant since it wasn't super obvious. E - I am fine with the changes to E. I think making it stronger and increasing its mana cost makes a lot of sense for Yuumi considering the types of items she wants to build.( {{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} ) I think the change to the movement speed buff is great as well. It feels a lot better when it is just a static 3 second buff rather than a 2 second decaying buff. The only thing I'm questioning is the attack speed buff. This is interesting because Yuumi herself can make use of this (obviously not optimal) but I feel like most people will just want to sit on their ADC all game. Basically this buff is better on characters that auto attack rather than ally mages or tanks. Maybe this is on purpose but I think a more general buff would be better, or even just removing it and putting the power into a different part of her kit. Overall: I think Yuumi's kit should rewards players who use her in a way that exposes her to danger for more of the game. I think just sitting on your ally should be the weaker strategy because it is much more safe and promotes stagnant gameplay. I also just want to say that I appreciate all the work the devs/artists/writers put into making Yuumi and bringing her to life. She is my favorite character in League and I'm thankful she exists! I just wanted to share my thoughts on how I would maybe try to improve her myself. Thanks for taking the time to read! <3

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