Here's how to bring back Kindred's tank shredding potential, keep AD scalings and get rid of RNG

Sooo, Kindred's rework has took away their core identity of a tank buster, making them more of a traditional ADC which IMO is not so fun. I was thinking what could be done to keep the best of both worlds and I came up with an idea that not only brings back Kindred's previous identity, but also fixes their core problem of RNG passive. Passive has 2 componets: **Mark of The Kindred:** Kindred gains 1 stack of Mark of The Kindred for every large monster they kill in their jungle, 5 stacks for every large monster they kill in the enemy jungle and every epic monster, and 15 stacks for every enemy champion that Lamb has marked. Every stack gives Kindred 1.1 bonus range on basic attacks, Q and E, while also amplyfiying Kindred's basic abilities as follows: * Q - gives +0.5% Attack Speed for every 1 mark * E - gives +0.05% Missing Health damage for every 1 mark **Swift Arrows:** Kindred's bonus AD deals damage equal to 40% of it's original value on basic attacks and can't crit. Every 15 bonus AD Kindred gets is converted into 1% Enemy's Current Health damage which can crit for 2% Enemy's Current Health or 2.5% Enemy's Current Health after purchasing Infinity Edge. Wolf's Frenzy [W]: Wolf deals 40% damage from Swift Arrows ( AD scaling the same as now). Of course, I'm aware that it would require some damage values tweaks on their basic abilities, like probbably increasing Q base damage early on. And finally, they could be balanced like a normal champion since we no longer have RNG in their kit, so it's much easier to assess their power and adjust it accordingly. Some of you may be afraid that it's basically old Devourer in champion's kit... However, Devourer gave you pure damage and basically needed to be stacked in order to be worth it's price. It's not the same here, because the goal is to make the bonus range (mainly) more like side effect of doing normal jungle stuff, while preserving Kindred's identity of a hunter (bounty for marked champion takedowns and reward for invades). What do you think guys? Can you do some math for me and check if it would be good? If not lemme know what should be tweaked to make it more appealing. Thanks for reading!
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