Riot, please acknowledge that your client is hot garbage

I won't call for firing of whoever created this garbage client, but please acknowledge that it's an utter embarrassment for a multibillion dollar company such as yours. It is crazy that it took me whole month in summer to just INSTALL this game after having it uninstalled since march. The patcher, or launcher or installer or whatever you wanna call it kept giving me all kinds of different errors. Now, after all of that in the past month I've been getting bug splats, critical errors almost every single DAY. Yeah, yeah , I'm sure it has something to do with my PC but I didn't change ANYTHING, no hardware and everything is up to date. I had no prior issues until they started happening 1 month ago. Hextech "repair" tool is a glorified reinstaller that does NEXT to nothing, and now I did the clean uninstall and tried installing the stupid game again and guess what? I AM GETTING THE SAME ERRORS I WAS GETTING IN SUMMER. "Patching failed and we're not sure why, please restart the client to restart patching" I restart client and boom same error again, and again and again. Why is this stupid patcher so buggy and glitchy, why? I can't even install the god damn game ! WTF?!
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