Now that ARAM has bans, let's talk about that.

New ARAM is up, loving the fact that it has bans to remove overly problematic champions from it. Who are your top bans and who are you seeing banned alot? My top bans in order are {{champion:45}} This guy is in almost every ARAM game I used to play, he's extremely strong, able to stack AP so fast with his cage that by the 10-minute mark he's usually got 200 - 250 bonus AP. And his powerful CC allows him to cover a good portion of the lane making team fights frustratingly one-sided. He's the kind of champ that forces you to wait for him to make a mistake before you can even attempt to do anything, and even if he misuses his cage he still has a powerful point and click ult which will easily take down anything that's not a tank. {{champion:555}} Extremely powerful in aram right now, His Q is a great initiate, he's extremely hard to kill, he offers decent CC. But the problem that makes him so strong is his ult. Pykes Ult is ridiculous on aram because of the kill reset, ARAM fights dish out a lot of damage very fast even to tanks, so when Pyke reaches level 6 he is essentially negating a huge chunk of health from your entire team simply because he can execute your team so quickly. The gray Health heal is also very strong so even if he does make a mistake he can just back off and get half his HP back which is the equivalent of 2-3 health relics on that mode. Very good, very strong, like Veigar but without less lane control his reward with very low risk. {{champion:222}} I could list a few ADC's but Jinx is really problematic so seeing her on the ban list is always healthy for ARAM. Chompers are great lane control but she just dishes overall way to much damage. She scales exceptionally well with attack speed runes so when you have runes that grant attack speed on hit + ones that grant attack speed for getting kills/assists, she starts stacking that attack speed quite fast and it really shows just how strong she is. If the enemy team has a decent pushing team there is a VERY good chance your first and second turret will be gone by the second minion wave. On top of that, chompers allow her to cut off a good portion of the lane, movement speed buff on kill allows her to zone very well, and her W hits like a truck, it's fast and very hard to see on ARAM. She's very strong and a very good ban. {{champion:51}} Cait is very strong on ARAM for only one reason and that's why she's not a top priority ban but I will ban her given the chance that the other three are banned. What makes Cait so strong is she can hold the entire lane hostage with her traps. her traps are the sole reason i am seeing a lot of Cait bans, she can prevent any kind of hard push by placing traps across the lane where the turrets are and you are forced to step on them if you want to proceed. The fact that she's an ADC with crit and bonus damage does not help with this problem. Because Cait gets so many traps she does not have to place them strategically she can throw them out pretty much anywhere and prevent an entire team from doing anything lest even the tank step on one and lose a quarter of their health. Snowball helps but you will basically have to commit a 1 for 1 and hopefully take out Cait when you land it. {{champion:11}} Yi's not always good on ARAM and that's why he's down the list, but on the off chance he does get in against a comp he's good against the match is hopeless before the minions even spawn. We all know Yi scales very well into the mid game and we also know that he does well vs teams that don't have a lot of CC, however, he does falter against all of that so seeing him in ARAM isn't always instant win for him as most ARAM games will have the hard CC needed to stop him. It really depends on the team comp. You'll notice I did not add champions like Zigg or Lux or Xereth, that's because I find the anti poke shield to be very good, they cans till do damage but they won't be hitting you of 1/3 of your health at early levels now. Who do you guys ban and why? Curious as to so who you all find to be very problematic and worth of said bans.
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